eMusic's smart contracts
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eMusic's smart contracts

At the moment, we can only publish the EMU token's smart contract. In the future this repository will include content, sale and other smart contracts.

Possible dependencies

  • If on Windows, open a powershell window as administrator and run npm install -g windows-build-tools
  • Run npm install -g solc

To generate a Java Solidity smart contract wrapper

  • Get the web3j command line tools (https://docs.web3j.io/command_line.html)
  • Add web3 to the path by running set PATH=%PATH%;web3j-3.5.0\bin
  • Run web3j solidity generate --javaTypes output\___contracts_EMU_sol_EMU.bin output\___contracts_EMU_sol_EMU.abi -o output-java -p com.triplay.crypto.contract
  • Look in the output-java directory