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Learning Game Boy programming step by step. Let's start game programming with Assembly language! :D

Last updated Demo version ROM
Move Speed Control download
Rotation of the object 3 (GBC) download

Learning Game Boy programming: move_speed_control


  1. Installing Development Tool
  2. Move Sprite
  3. Scrolling1
  4. Scrolling2
  5. Scrolling3
  6. Collision1
  7. Raster Scroll1
  8. Move Speed Control
  9. Rotation of the object 1
  10. Rotation of the object 2
  11. Rotation of the object 3 (GBC)
  • Edit GBC data
    Edit GBC data with GBTD and GBMB.

  • Creating Map Data
    Create map data with GBTD and GBMB.

  • BGB Setting
    Register the color of GBTD to BGB.

  • Programming Base File
    Standard include file containing Game Boy hardware definitions for use in RGBDS projects.


  • gbdev
    Game Boy Development community.
  • Pan Docs
    The single, most comprehensive technical reference to Game Boy available to the public. Corrected, updated and maintained by the community.
  • The Cycle-Accurate Game Boy Docs
    A precise documentation by AntonioND to make a cycle-accurate Game Boy emulator.
  • OAM DMA tutorial



  • BGB
    BGB is a GameBoy emulator/debugger which runs on Windows and Wine.
  • Emulicious
    Provides accurate emulation and includes powerful tools such as a profiler and source-level debugging for ASM and C via a VS Code debug adapter.
  • Gameboy Tile Designer (GBTD)
    With the Gameboy Tile Designer ("GBTD"), you can draw tiles which you can incorporate in your own Gameboy productions.
  • Gameboy Map Builder (GBMB)
    With the Gameboy Map Builder ("GBMB"), you can make maps which you can incorporate in your own Gameboy productions.
  • Aseprite
    Aseprite lets you create 2D animations for videogames. From sprites, to pixel-art, retro style graphics, and whatever you like about the 8-bit and 16-bit era.
  • DefleMask
    DefleMask is a cross-platform chiptune music tracker. You can produce video game music for many soundchips and old school game-consoles and computers.