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Learning Game Boy programming step by step. Let's start game programming with Assembly language! :D

Last updated Demo version ROM
Move Speed Control download
Rotation of the object 3 (GBC) download

Learning Game Boy programming: move_speed_control


  1. Installing Development Tool
  2. Hello World
  3. Reading The Joypad
  4. Move Sprite
  5. Scrolling1
  6. Scrolling2
  7. Scrolling3
  8. Collision1
  9. Raster Scroll1
  10. Move Speed Control
  11. Rotation of the object 1
  12. Rotation of the object 2
  13. Rotation of the object 3 (GBC)
  • Edit GBC data
    Edit GBC data with GBTD and GBMB.

  • Creating Map Data
    Create map data with GBTD and GBMB.

  • BGB Setting
    Register the color of GBTD to BGB.

  • Programming Base File
    Standard include file containing Game Boy hardware definitions for use in RGBDS projects.


  • gbdev
    Game Boy Development community.
  • Pan Docs
    The single, most comprehensive technical reference to Game Boy available to the public. Corrected, updated and maintained by the community.
  • The Cycle-Accurate Game Boy Docs
    A precise documentation by AntonioND to make a cycle-accurate Game Boy emulator.



  • BGB
    BGB is a GameBoy emulator/debugger which runs on Windows and Wine.
  • Emulicious
    Provides accurate emulation and includes powerful tools such as a profiler and source-level debugging for ASM and C via a VS Code debug adapter.
  • Gameboy Tile Designer (GBTD)
    With the Gameboy Tile Designer ("GBTD"), you can draw tiles which you can incorporate in your own Gameboy productions.
  • Gameboy Map Builder (GBMB)
    With the Gameboy Map Builder ("GBMB"), you can make maps which you can incorporate in your own Gameboy productions.
  • DefleMask
    DefleMask is a cross-platform chiptune music tracker. You can produce video game music for many soundchips and old school game-consoles and computers.