Utility to let your sysadmin know what software should be installed on the system
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In Debian(-based systems), only root can install software by using APT. This
utility allows you to let your sysadmin know the packages you suggest should be
installed in the system. The list of packages is sent as a local email to root
or to the user that is aliased to receive mail for root.

You may install apt-wishlist system-wide with the following command:

# python setup.py install

On a terminal, use the following command to send a list of packages you want to
ask your system administrator to install:

$ apt-wishlist PACKAGES...

If you just want to save the packages to send them later or to manipulate the
list somehow, you may use the save option for that:

$ apt-wishlist save PACKAGES...

This "wishlist" is saved under $HOME/.config/apt-wishlist/wishes. Using the
command above will overwrite any previous wishlist that has been saved before,
so be careful.

To send the saved wishlist to your system administrator, just type in:

$ apt-wishlist send-saved

And to delete the wishlist:

$ apt-wishlist delete-saved

Not sure if there's too much room for improvements, but if you have any ideas,
the GitHub repository is at https://github.com/emvigo/apt-wishlist/ There you
may take a look at the Issues tracker to find out about things you may
contribute with.