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What is JWt ?

JWt is a Java library for developing web applications. It provides a pure Java component-driven approach to building web applications, and renders either using Ajax or plain HTML.

Unlike JSF, there is no concept of a page and no split between page "views" and reusable "components", making reuse unpractical. Instead, everything is a widget that can be resued in other widgets.

For more information, see the homepage.


The library requires a Servlet 2.5 or 3.0 container. When deployed in a servlet 3.0 container, it is able to use asynchronous I/O functionality to improve scalability when using server push features.

If you want to use the PDF rendering support (the WPdfImage and WPdfRenderer classes), then you also need to add PdfJet[] to your project.


It can be as simple as:


Demos, examples

The homepage contains various examples.


The ant build file has a separate target to generate maven pom files:

ant mvn

To install the two artifacts in your local repository, do:

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=dist/jwt-3.3.2.jar -DpomFile=jwt-3.3.2.pom
mvn install:install-file -Dfile=dist/jwt-auth-3.3.2.jar -DpomFile=jwt-auth-3.3.2.pom

The corresponding dependency blocks are:



There are a number of optional dependencies for JWt, needed only depending on what features you use

<!-- optional, for JWT Auth -->

<!-- optional, for PDF Rendering -->

<!-- optional, for CSS stylesheet support in XHTML renderer -->

<!-- optional, for server-side WebGL fallback -->

<!-- optional, for server-side WebGL fallback -->

<!-- may be needed if your J2EE container doesn't provide this -->