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Welcome to the enGrid wiki!


example of a mesh created by enGrid

enGrid is an open-source mesh generation software with CFD applications in mind. enGrid uses the Netgen library for tetrahedral grid generation and an in-house development for prismatic boundary layer grids. Internally, enGrid uses the VTK data structures as well as the *.vtu file format.

Currently enGrid has interfaces to Blender, Gmsh, and STL files. Gmsh can be used to import STEP and IGES files and it can also be used for simple geometry modelling.

Since the 1.2 release, enGrid provides native export to OpenFOAM®; this includes export capabilities for complete OpenFOAM cases (including boundary conditions), as well as experimental support for polyhedral cells.

Since the 1.4 release, enGrid provides native export to SU2.

enGrid is released under the GPL and we hope that it is a useful addition to the open-source CFD community. This manual is very much a work in progress and does not claim to be finished, comprehensive, complete, or anything else. We hope that, even in this early stage, it offers some help while using enGrid!


y+ and pressure computed on the example mesh

How to Help

Release Notes

Development Notes


  • OpenFOAM® is a registered trade mark of the ESI-OpenCFD.
  • VTK is a registered trade mark of Kitware
  • Gmsh has been created by Christophe Geuzaine and Jean-François Remacle

Old wiki

Backups of the old wiki are available at the Old Wiki backups page. The main reason for the transition is the increasing number of abuse attempts on the original wiki page; lately (July 2012) we have about 5-10 spam user registrations per day.

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