Simple heat exchanger

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Simple Heat Exchanger

This tutorial describes how to use enGrid in order to create a mesh with regions which is suitable to simulate conjugate heat transfer with OPENFOAM®'s chtMultiRegionSimpleFoam.

This tutorial should be considered as a starting point and as an invitation to try and improve it. For the beginning it isn't much more than a collection of screen-shots. Please try it and if you get stuck ask for help. If you succeed, we would be very glad if you could use your experiences to improve this tutorial! I find it very difficult to write a good tutorial for enGrid, because most things are obvious to me, because I wrote most of the software.

The complete case with all meshing steps and the OPENFOAM® case set-up can be found here:

Geometry modelling with Blender

Geometry inside Blender
Geometry after import of *.begc file
Output of mesh consistency check
Definition of volumes
Mesh size specifications
Completed surface mesh for all surfaces
Volume mesh of solid region
Volume mesh of cold water region
Volume mesh of hot water region
Inlet and outlet extrusion
Volume definition for extruded patches