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@germboy germboy released this Sep 16, 2019 · 108 commits to master since this release


  • moonstone/ProgressBar.ProgressBarTooltip and moonstone/Slider.SliderTooltip prop side, will be replaced by position in 4.0.0


  • core/platform member touchscreen to detect the presence of a touchscreen separately from support for touch events
  • moonstone/Dropdown to add new size x-large
  • moonstone/ProgressBar.ProgressBarTooltip and moonstone/Slider.SliderTooltip prop position, replacing side
  • moonstone/VirtualList.VirtualGridList and moonstone/VirtualList.VirtualList prop role to set the ARIA role
  • spotlight support for passing a spottable node or a container node or selector to Spotlight.focus()
  • ui/Routable module
  • ui/VirtualList.VirtualGridList and ui/VirtualList.VirtualList prop role to set its ARIA role


  • core/kind and core/handle documentation to support better Typescript definitions
  • core/platform touch event detection
  • moonstone/Header to fix font size of titleBelow and subTitleBelow
  • moonstone/Dropdown to apply tiny width
  • moonstone/Dropdown to include selected data in the onSelect handler
  • moonstone/Scroller, moonstone/VirtualList.VirtualGridList, and moonstone/VirtualList.VirtualList spotlight behavior to focus the last item when reaching the bounds after scroll by page up or down
  • moonstone/VirtualList.VirtualList to allow a dynamically resized item to scroll into view properly
  • moonstone/Dropdown accessibility read out when an item is focused
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