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Specifications in this repository are written up within or in collaboration with the eNanoMapper project to describe how something could be done. In fact, if enough people do it that way, the specification becomes a standard.

All specifications in this repository are licensed openly, allowing anyone to implement this specification, but also to share the specification alongside. While the license would typically allow you to make modifications, it is kindly requested to do this in a communal manner, as to not disrupt the standardization process. Hence, we speak of Open Specifications.

Repository Structure

Each specification is written up using the same approach as World Wide Web specifications, with various documentation states (editor's note, working draft, proposed recommendation, and recommendation), have release dates, authors, etc. Importantly, there is also a practical "short code" which you will, for example, see in the URL.

In this source code repository, this short code is also used as folder name and in tags. That is, each release is tagged in the repository, for example, as WD-datadesc-20120816. The 'WD' refers to the state (working draft) and is followed by this short code ('datadesc' in the example) and the date of release.


It uses RefSpec.js and a customized version of the matching CSS (license) from