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Hackathon on templates for data collection

The goal of the hackathon is to make the participants familiar with the eNanoMapper solutions for data management and data access and start evaluation of the data entry templates.

1. Search and download exercises

This exercise consists of querying the eNanoMapper database through https://search.data.enanomapper.net/ , download in several formats, and optionally, using the application programming interface (API) to access data through R.

Section 1 of the guide

2. Data upload exercise

The exercises include data preparation and upload.

Secton 4 of the guide

3. Ontology

This is an exercise of ontology mapping. The number of unique terms in the templates is over 800 and careful ontology mapping is required.

Finding appropriate eNanoMapper ontology terms for harmonized templates

You may cosider mapping the the terms from the Cytotoxicity LDH template

4. Evaluation of the data entry templates

The NANoREG templates are developed by JRC in collaboration with FP7 NANoREG project partners and released under open license, further cleaned and released by eNanoMapper. The NANoREG templates are organized as one spreadsheet per assay. The goal of this exercise is to estimate the relevance of the template fields for specific assays, according to participant experience and background. Click on the link below to access the set of questionnaires. Each questionnaire is representing fields from one template.

Questionnaires for assessing the relevance of the template fields