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Monument Palettes

Color palettes from the Monument Valley I game. The site currently lives at

Palettes coming soon:

  • Forgotten Shores
  • Ida's Dream
  • Monument Valley II

What's inside

This project uses colorthief to generate palettes from a set of images. This site runs using 11ty and Netlify. The base template uses my own 11ty scaffold, which you are welcome to use for your own projects. The typeface used is Museo.

Make your own palette site!

The guts of this project are very much extendable for your own palette site. Here's what you need to know:


  • Node
  • A general understanding of 11ty
  • Probably some working knowledge of CSS (with SCSS), JS, and HTML (with Nunjucks)

Get started

  • Clone this repo: git clone
  • Pop into your cloned project: cd monument-palettes
  • Install packages: npm i

Run locally

  • Run npm start
  • View your project onlocalhost:8080


  • Run npm run build
  • Your project files will be available in dist
  • The netlify.toml file provides deploy instructions if you'd like to publish to the web.

Generate your own palettes

  • Delete all of the images from ./source-images/ and put in your own images
  • Run node generate-palettes.js
  • View your json file in ./src/_data/data.json

Tweak the output

  • Change the number of colors generated per palette by changing the number on the defaultPaletteSize constant in ./generate-palettes.js
    • The colorthief API will show you further optimizations you can make to adjust your palette output.
    • The function cleanFileName essentially gets the basename of my image file and also trims off the numbers in it so I can use it as a chapter name in my json. You may or may not need this. If you do, you'll wanna look into RegEx to clean up your file names (or use a javascript method to clean the name to your liking).
      • E.g. source-images/02.1-The Garden.png becomes The Garden
  • Change the loops and general architecture of the page in ./src/index.njk
  • Change the overall styling of the page in ./src/css


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