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Using the command line

To use ENB from the command line, install the npm package for enb. Run commands in the root directory of the project.

Building all project pages:

./node_modules/.bin/enb make

Building all project pages and clearing the cache:

./node_modules/.bin/enb make --no-cache

Building all project pages and getting the build graph:

./node_modules/.bin/enb make --graph

Building all project pages with profiling enabled (counts the work time of targets and technologies):

./node_modules/.bin/enb make --profiler

Building all project pages and recording the build data (the profiling results) in a file:

./node_modules/.bin/enb make --build-info-file="build-info.json"

Building a project page:

./node_modules/.bin/enb make pages/index

Building a specific file:

./node_modules/.bin/enb make pages/index/index.html

Running the server mode:

./node_modules/.bin/enb server

Disabling color formatting in the progress log in the console:

NOCOLOR=1 ./node_modules/.bin/enb make

Sets the limit for open files in asynchronous operations. The correct limit helps avoid EMFILE errors:

ENB_FILE_LIMIT=100 ./node_modules/.bin/enb make