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Automation with express

Developing Node.js applications with express simplifies the use of enb in the development mode:

  • Does not require rebuilding the project and additional ports for statics.
  • Allows you to send requests for build on demand, that is, when you open your project in the browser.

To automate the ENB build using express, use express-compatible middleware. It is returned by the createMiddleware method of the lib/server/server-middleware module.

 * @param {Object} options
 * @param {String} options.cdir Root directory of the project.
 * @param {Boolean} options.noLog Don't log the build process in the console.
 * @returns {Function}
module.exports.createMiddleware = function(options) { /* ... */ };

Usage example:

    .get('/', function (req, res) {
        /* ... */    });