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  • A bundle is a file received as a result of building the source files of the project. For example, the result of building CSS files spread out across the project's file system can be the project.css bundle. JavaScript files can be built into the project.js bundle.

  • A masked target is a target name that can contain ?. The ? character is replaced with the node name when the technology is tuned.

    You can use the {lang} substring to create several copies of the technology for each language. In each copy, {lang} will be replaced with the language abbreviation.

    For example, ?.js is replaced with search.js if the node is pages/search. This approach is useful for configuring multiple nodes via nodeMask.

  • A make file is a file that configures ENB for the project build. It is located in the <project_root>/.enb/make.js folder.

  • A node is a directory where targets are located. For example: pages/index.

  • The suffix is the extension of the source or destination file. For example: js.

  • The target is the build target. For example: index.js can be a target within the pages/index node.