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The Userbase homepage.
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Userbase Homepage

This is what generates the homepage. If you're looking for the open source version of Userbase, you can find that at encrypted-dev/userbase.

If you want to create a product website like it was 1997, feel free to fork this repo and reuse anything you want for your site (except the name and the logo).



# clone this repo
git clone

# go to the repo directory
cd userbase-homepage

# install all dependencies
npm install

# start the website on http://localhost:3000 with hot module reloading
npm start


# install all dependencies using the versions in package-lock.json
npm ci

# generate the build artifacts in the dist directory
npm run build


You can 1-click deploy this to the internet using Netlify:

Deploy to Netlify


This project is released under the MIT License.

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