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Vector AES Instructions for Security Applications

This is the supporting code repository for the paper "VASA: Vector AES Instructions for Security Applications" presented at ACSAC'21 by Jean-Pierre Münch, Hossein Yalame, and Thomas Schneider.

The intention behind this code and repository is primarily to show how to use VAES and give concrete examples of how we used it, so you can adapt it to your library / framework / application.

The suggested way to work with this repository is as follows:

  1. Identify the framework you're interested in, i.e. CrypTFlow2, ABY, EMP-OT (relies on EMP-Tool), EMP-AG2PC (relies on EMP-Tool and EMP-OT), or EMP-AGMPC (relies on EMP-Tool and EMP-OT)
  2. Read the Readmes in the relevant folders.
  3. Navigate to the files / functions that are designated in these readmes for the changes done to the code.
  4. Read the new code and its surrounding documentation.
  5. Optionally, compare this to the simpler baseline implementation to get a more iterative understanding of the changes.

Repository Organization

Name Path Readme Baseline Commit License Copyright Holder
ABY ABY/ ABY/ 08baa853de76a9070cb8ed8d41e96569776e4773 LGPLv3 ENCRYPTO
CrypTFlow2 / SCI SCI/ SCI/ 3f72d1519529279a47d9c2bc01799d7e65db07e1 MIT Microsoft Research
EMP-Tool emp/emp-tool/ emp/emp-tool/ ef7a54564d30a4243ee710e0df79323c94f5c9f9 MIT Xiao Wang
EMP-OT emp/emp-ot/ emp/emp-ot/ f5aa97337b7f30cbf8ccbb4a763860e6576a8108 MIT Xiao Wang
EMP-AG2PC emp/emp-ag2pc/ emp/emp-ag2pc/ 11e51179a2a5e09ba8e7f3736ae955966b96fc92 MIT Xiao Wang
EMP-AGMPC emp/emp-agmpc/ emp/emp-agmpc/ 7d30b53630e2b25469811ab014e4d4a26697a89c MIT Xiao Wang

All code changes are licensed under the same license as the library originally had.


  title={{VASA: Vector AES Instructions for Security Applications}},
  author={Münch, Jean-Pierre and Schneider, Thomas and Yalame, Hossein},


VASA: Vector AES Instructions for Security Applications






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