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OpenFrameworks with CMake build files included

This repository contains OpenFrameworks project with cmake file included.

OpenFrameworks can be compiled as a library using CMake build files.

The install command will install static and shared libraries into configured prefix.

A pkconfig file will be installed to ease further openFrameworks developments (pkgconfig openFrameworks --libs --cflags)

Note: PKG_CONFIG_PATH may be updated to the path you choose to install openFrameworks.pc file. By default openFrameworks will be installed in '/usr/local' prefix and openFrameworks.pc will be installed in '/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig/' directory. Then you may add the following line in your '~/.profile' or '~/.bashrc'

export PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:$PKG_CONFIG_PATH

Works under linux, Mac OSX.


Building and installing OpenFrameworks library

Edit cmake/OpenFrameworksConfig.cmake to adjust search path for includes and libraries

cd libs/openFrameworks

If you want to change options, use cmake-gui or define options directly with -D options with cmake command.

cmake-gui .
# check options, modify

Or you can directly genrate Makefile, codeblocks project, Eclipse project, XCode Project:

cmake -G<GeneratorName> .

By default under linux Makefile is generated

cmake .

Install openFrameworks library:

make install

Building examples

For example, to build advancedGraphicExample:

cd apps/example/advancedGraphicExample
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../

Building addons examples

All addons include a cmake include file witch ease compiling apps using addons for example ofxOpenCv addon includes a 'ofxOpenCv.cmake' witch may be included in your project CMakeLists.txt.

cd apps/addonsExamples/opencvExample
mkdir build
cd build
cmake ../


All addons should include a <addonname>.cmake witch can be included in application CMakeLists.txt.

For example, if you develop an addon named 'MyCustomAddon', you may follow the followind directory architecture:

- MyCustomAddon
- src/
- MyCustomAddon.cmake

To test your addon you develop a 'MyCustomAddonApplication' with the following direcory layout:

- MyCustomAddonApplication
- src/testApp.cpp
- src/main.cpp
- src/...
- CMakeLists.txt  <- your cmake build file

And your CMakeLists.txt includes the 'MyCustomAddon.cmake' file like this

Then your addon may set the following cmake variables:
  • ADDONS_SOURCES: addon source files to compile with you application
  • ADDONS_LIBRARIES: addon external libraries (for example opencv for ofxOpenCvAddon)
  • ADDONS_INCLUDE_DIRS: all required include directories to build your addon an application (for example opencv include dirs)

For more detailed instructions check provided addons cmake files and addonsExample CMakeLists.txt files.


CMake provide the capability to generate project file for various IDE. When developing projects it can be usefull to generate project file and build/run your project inside such an IDE.

Generating XCode project


cd libs/openFrameworks
mkdir project
cd project
cmake -G"Xcode" ../

This commands generate and xcode project file named OpenFrameworks.xcodeproj witch can be opened with Xcode

open openFrameworks.xcodeproj

Xcode open the generated project and you're ready to develop. Just click build to build openFrameworks

The procedure to generate project for examples, addons is exactly the same.

Generating Eclipse project


cd libs/openFrameworks
cmake -G"Eclipse CDT4 - Unix Makefiles" .
Then open eclipse:
  • File->Import->"Existing Project into Workspace"
  • Select 'libs/openFrameworks' directory and click "Finish"

You're now ready to develop. To build, just click "Project"->"Build All".

Generating Code::Block project


cd libs/openFrameworks
cmake -G"CodeBlocks - Unix Makefiles" .

This generates a openFrameworks.cbp codeblock project file.

Generating KDevelop project


cd libs/openFrameworks
cmake -G"Kdevelop3" .
This generates a kdevelop project file ready to use with kdevelop using the following procedure
  • Project -> Open/Import Project
  • select libs/openFrameworks directory and click next


The following features should be implemented:
  • Generating OSX Framework
  • Generating packages for OSX and Linux using CPack features included in CMake
  • Package RtAudio library or directly include it in OpenFrameworks code base (witch is done by many applications using RtAudio library)
  • Create a continuous integration site instance somewere to perdiodicaly build and generate openFrameworks packages



  • See github project page for email contact