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Allow one-line hunks in --diff

In Git diff, hunks containing only one line in either the original
or modified file do not have the number of lines specified.
Without this patch, pep8 crashes on a diff with such a hunk.

For example, this would fail in pep8's repository:
    git show 6ff543b -U0 | pep8 --diff

The -U0 option is useful to only check new code, not anything that
surrounds it. The bug can also appear without -U0, in one-line files.
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commit 541efdceb4cbbaea5cd71762438edf9f2ab47c98 1 parent 7f2d5a3
Petr Viktorin authored
Showing with 7 additions and 2 deletions.
  1. +7 −2
@@ -152,7 +152,7 @@ def blank_lines(logical_line, blank_lines, indent_level, line_number)
OPERATOR_REGEX = re.compile(r'(?:[^\s])(\s*)(?:[-+*/|!<=>%&^]+)(\s*)')
LAMBDA_REGEX = re.compile(r'\blambda\b')
-HUNK_REGEX = re.compile(r'^@@ -\d+,\d+ \+(\d+),(\d+) @@.*$')
+HUNK_REGEX = re.compile(r'^@@ -\d+(?:,\d+)? \+(\d+)(?:,(\d+))? @@.*$')
# Work around Python < 2.6 behaviour, which does not generate NL after
# a comment which is on a line by itself.
@@ -1117,7 +1117,12 @@ def parse_udiff(diff, patterns=None, parent='.'):
nrows -= 1
if line[:3] == '@@ ':
- row, nrows = [int(g) for g in HUNK_REGEX.match(line).groups()]
+ row, nrows = HUNK_REGEX.match(line).groups()
+ row = int(row)
+ if nrows is None:
+ nrows = 1
+ else:
+ nrows = int(nrows)
rv[path].update(range(row, row + nrows))
elif line[:3] == '+++':
path = line[4:].split('\t', 1)[0]
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