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My 100 Days of Code

I've started the #100DaysOfCode challenge on April 15th 2019, although I'm gonna bend the rules a bit to my needs - you can read the initial blog post about my plans to learn about the details.

My 100 Days of Code - banner

Day 1: April 15th 2019

Time spent: 1h

Today's Progress: started with the Enclave Phaser Template, looked at a few Phaser 3 boilerplates.

Thoughts: well, right now I'm at the "I have no idea what I'm doing" stage with Phaser 3 as I haven't checked a single tutorial about it (yet), so "working on EPT" will be equal to "learning Phaser 3". It will take some time before I'll be able to publish something, but hey, at least I've finally started!

Day 2: April 16th 2019

Time spent: 1h

Today's Progress: same as yesterday, plus thinking whether I should start incorporating the new syntax into the current template, or start from scratch.

Thoughts: wanted to spend more than 1 hour today, but I had to send a bunch of emails around our upcoming Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup. I hope to speed up things tomorrow.

Day 3: April 17th 2019

Time spent: 1h 30min

Today's Progress: took the time to research some of the other templates out there, tried upgrading the EPT's source code 1:1, but decided it needs to be rewritten from scratch.

Thoughts: I have no idea what I'm doing.

Day 4: April 18th 2019

Time spent: 2h

Today's Progress: prepared and announced Piotr as the speaker for the upcoming Gamedev.js Warsaw meetup. Also, updated the js13kGames website by moving 2018 content to its subdomain and the main page reflecting upcoming 2019 one.

Thoughts: I do hope I can count updating .yaml files on one website and fiddling with .php and .html ones on another.

Day 5: April 19th 2019

Time spent: 1h

Today's Progress: did some client work, tried fixing a bug, but failed miserably. Will try next week again.

Thoughts: it's probably a typo, or not even a game's fault. Needs hours to find, probably 30 seconds to fix.

Day 6: April 22nd 2019

Time spent: TBD

Today's Progress: TBD

Thoughts: TBD

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