A lua-configurable terminal emulator
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tym is a tiny VTE-based terminal emulator, which configurable by Lua.


By default, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tym/config.lua is executed when it exists. The path can be changed by --use -u option.

-- At first, you need to require tym module
local tym = require('tym')

-- set config individually
tym.set('width', 100)

tym.set('font', 'DejaVu Sans Mono 11')

-- set by table
  shell = '/usr/bin/fish',
  cursor_shape = 'underline',
  autohide = true,
  color_foreground = 'red',

All available config values are shown below.

field name type default value description
theme string '/home/<user name>/.config/tym/theme.lua' Path to theme file. If empty string is set, default path will be loaded. If relative path is set, the path joined with CWD will be loaded. If 'NONE' is set, no theme file will be loaded.
shell string $SHELLvte_get_user_shell()'/bin/sh' Shell to excute.
title string 'tym' Window title.
font string '' You can specify it like 'FAMILY-LIST [SIZE]', for example 'Ubuntu Mono 12'. The value is parsed by pango_font_description_from_string(). If empty string is set, the system default fixed width font will be used.
icon string 'utilities-terminal' Name of icon. cf. Icon Naming Specification
cursor_shape string 'block' 'block', 'ibeam' or 'underline' are available.
cursor_blink_mode string 'system' 'system', 'on' or 'off' are available.
term string 'xterm-256color' Value to assign to $TERM
role string '' Unique identifier for the window. If empty string is set, no value set. (cf. gtk_window_set_role())
cjk_width string 'narrow' 'narrow' or 'wide' are available.
width integer 80 Initial columns.
height integer 22 Initial rows.
padding_horizontal integer 0 Horizontal padding.
padding_vertical integer 0 Vertical padding.
scrollback_length integer 512 Length of the scrollback buffer.
ignore_default_keymap boolean false Whether to use default keymap.
ignore_bold boolean false Whether to allow drawing bold text. (cf. vte_terminal_set_allow_bold()).
autohide boolean false Whether to hide mouse cursor when the user presses a key.
silent boolean false Whether to beep when bell sequence is sent.
color_window_background string '' Color of the padded part of the window when padding_horizontal padding_vertical is not 0.
color_foreground, color_background, color_cursor, color_cursor_foreground, color_highlight, color_highlight_foreground, color_bold, color_0 ... color_15 string '' You can specify standard color string, for example '#f00', '#ff0000' or 'red'. They will be parsed by gdk_rgba_parse(). If empty string is set, the VTE default color will be used.

Theme customization

By default, $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tym/theme.lua is loaded when it exists. The path can be changed by the value of 'theme' in config or --theme -t option.

local fg = '#d2d4de'
local bg = '#161821'
return {
  color_background = bg,
  color_foreground = fg,
  color_0  = '#161821',
  color_1  = '#e27878',
  -- SNIP
  color_14 = '#95c4ce',
  color_15 = '#d2d4de',

You need to return the color map with table.

Color map

Please refer to the correspondence table of each color below.

color_0  : black (background)
color_1  : red
color_2  : green
color_3  : brown
color_4  : blue
color_5  : purple
color_6  : cyan
color_7  : light gray (foreground)
color_8  : gray
color_9  : light red
color_10 : light green
color_11 : yellow
color_12 : light blue
color_13 : pink
color_14 : light cyan
color_15 : white



Key Action
Ctrl Shift c Copy selection to clipboard.
Ctrl Shift v Paste from clipboard.
Ctrl Shift r Reload config file.
Ctrl + Increase font scale,
Ctrl - Decrease font scale.
Ctrl = Reset font scale.


You can register keymap by tym.set_keymap(acceralator, func) or tym.set_keymaps(table). accelerator must be in a format parsable by gtk_accelerator_parse().

-- also can set keymap
tym.set_keymap('<Ctrl><Shift>o', function()
  local h = tym.get('height')
  tym.set('height', h + 1)
  tym.apply() -- needed for applying config value
  tym.notify('Set window height :' .. h)

-- set by table
  ['<Ctrl><Shift>t'] = function()
    tym.notify('reload config')
  ['<Ctrl><Shift>v'] = function()
    -- reload and notify
  ['<Shift>w'] = function()
    tym.notify('W has been pressed')
    return true -- notification shown and `W` printed


Name Return value Description
tym.get(key) any Get config value.
tym.set(key, value) void Set config value.
tym.get_config() table Get whole config.
tym.set_config(table) void Set config by table.
tym.reset_config() void Reset all config to default (but not apply it)
tym.set_keymap(acceralator, func) void Set keymap.
tym.set_keymaps(table) void Set keymaps by table.
tym.unset_keymap(acceralator) void Unset keymap.
tym.reset_keymaps() void Reset all keymaps.
tym.send_key() void Send key press event.
tym.reload() void Reload config file.
tym.reload_theme() void Reload theme file.
tym.apply() void Apply config to app.
tym.set_timeout(func, [interval]) int(tag) Set timeout. return true in func to excute again.
tym.clear_timeout(tag) void Clear the timeout.
tym.put(text) void Feed text.
tym.bell() void Sound bell.
tym.notify(message, title='tym') void Show desktop notification.
tym.copy() void Copy current selection.
tym.paste() void Paste clipboard.
tym.increase_font_scale() void Increase font scale.
tym.decrease_font_scale() void Decrease font scale.
tym.reset_font_scale() void Reset font scale.
tym.get_version() string Get version string.
tym.get_monitor_model() string Get monitor model on which the window is shown.
tym.get_config_path() string Get full path to config file.
tym.get_theme_path() string Get full path to theme file.


Name Param Default action Description
'title' title Title will be changed. If string is returned in hook func, it will be the new title.
'bell' nil The window will be urgent only when it is inactive. If true is returned in hook func, the window will not be urgent.
'activated' nil n/a n/a
'deactivated' nil n/a n/a
  title = function(t)
    return 'tym - ' .. t

tym.set_hook('bell', function()
  -- Even if you excute `tput bel`, the window will not be urgent.
  return true


--help -h

You can find all options.

$ tym -h

--use -u

Pass <path> you want to execute as config.

$ tym --use=/path/to/config.lua

If NONE is passed, all config will be default.

$ tym -u NONE

--theme -t

Pass <path> you want to load as theme.

$ tym --use=/path/to/theme.lua

If NONE is passed, default theme will be used.

$ tym -t NONE

--<config option>

You can set config value via command line option.

$ tym --shell=/bin/bash --color_background=red --width=40 --ignore_default_keymap


Download source code from release page, unarchive it and run

$ ./configure
$ make


Arch Linux

$ sudo pacman -S lua vte3


$ sudo apt install libgtk-3-dev libvte-2.91-dev liblua5.3-dev

Other distros or OS

I did not check which packeges are needed to build on other distros or OS. I'm waiting for your contribution ;)


Arch Linux

$ yay -S tym

Other distros or OS

Compile and run

$ sudo make install


Clone this repo and run

$ autoreconf -fvi
$ ./configure --enable-debug

Pro tips


local tym = require('tym')

  shell = '/bin/bash',

  local i = 0
  local message = 'echo "hello World!"'
  while i < #message do
    i = i + 1
    tym.put(message:sub(i, i))
end), 100)