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Endangered Data Week

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A static site,

Getting started

  1. Clone the repo to your projects directory (e.g. mkdir -p ~/projects/ && git clone If you have a new computer, you may need to set up your keys.
  2. Make sure you're on the gh-pages branch (cd ~/projects/ && git checkout gh-pages).
  3. Install the dependencies (bundle install).

To make it easier, paste this in to your terminal:

mkdir -p ~/projects && git clone
cd ~/projects/ && git checkout gh-pages && git checkout gh-pages && bundle install

You can now run the project locally by running jekyll serve and pointing your browser to http://localhost:4000

Advanced Setup

  1. Make sure you have node installed.
  2. Run npm install in the project directory (e.g. cd ~/projects/ && npm install)
  3. Start the server, file watchers, compressions, and browser sync with gulp. This will automatically launch your default browser with the project and reload the page when you save a change to the project.

Generating Events

This is automated through rake tasks that retrieve data from the Google Spreadsheet that the online form populates. Generating events is the default task, so you only need to run rake in the project directory to generate all events.

$ cd ~/projects/endangereddataweek
$ rake

This will generate the new files needed create new events. Then simply add, commit, and push to the repo.

$ git commit -am "Added new events [event names]"

To see the full list of tasks available, you can run rake -T in the project directory.

Skipping Geocoding

If there is an event that is a virtual event that needs to be manually excluded in the geocoding, edit the "Endangered Data Week Event (Responses)" sheet in Google Drive and set the geocode column value to 0 (actually any string will work--code just checks if there's something in that field). if there are any values in the latitude or longitude columns, be sure to delete those too. Then, rerun rake.

Content Edits

Content edits can be easily made on the browser-based GitHub editor.

  • Find the relevant page (for example, the page for the Standards and Practices Interest Group is
  • Click the pencil icon or type "e" to edit the file
  • Make the edits, add a short description, and commit the changes to the gh-pages branch

For information on formatting, please review the Markdown Cheatsheet. GitHub keyboard shortcuts can be found here.


We're using pa11y for accessibility testing.


You will need to make sure you have npm installed. Easiest way on OS X is with brew.

$ brew install npm
$ npm install -g phantomjs pa11y
$ bundle


convert apple-touch-icon.png -thumbnail 192x192^ -extent 192x192 icon.png

Generating a Report

There is a Rake task that will generate the appropriate report:

$ rake test:accessibility


The code for Endangered Data Week is released under the MIT License.