Automated zero downtime deployments.
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Deployer - Automated Zero Downtime Deployments

More documentation and packaging to come.

Getting Started

which git
which setlock         # from acg/daemontools-encore
which setuidgid       # from acg/daemontools-encore
which trigger-listen  # from acg/trigger
which trigger-pull    # from acg/trigger
which fsq-run         # from endcrawl/fsq-run
which shellsafe       # from endcrawl/daemontools-extras
make                  # ensure tests pass

Usage Notes

Fear not; many of these manual steps will be automated.

  • First, create a config file for deployer:

    • For user installs, this is ~/.deployer.conf.
    • For system installs, this is $PREFIX/etc/deployer.conf.
    • Provide an example conf file to start with.
    • Make this easier for user installs.
  • Make sure the deployer binaries are on your path.

    • Provide binary packages that handle installation.
  • Create the necessary filesystem structure.

    • deployer-init
  • Set up a daemontools service which runs deployer-service.

    • Provide something to make this easier.
  • Start managing your first deployment:

deployer-manage foo
  • Push some new commits to the master branch of foo.

  • Request your first automated deployment:

deploy foo master
  • Watch it work:
tail -n 100 -f /var/service/deployer/log/main/current