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This is the Opa plugin for Sublime Text 2.
Opa: http://opalang.org
Sublime: http://www.sublimetext.com/

# Plugin Features

1) Syntax highlighting
2) Build system
3) Code completion
4) Contextual access to the online API documentation
5) Tutorials (one for now)

# How to install the Opa plugin ?

1) Get https://github.com/downloads/MLstate/OpaSublimeText/Opa.sublime-package

2) Move it to ~/.config/sublime-text2/Installed Packages/ (linux)
or %APPDATA%\Sublime Text 2\Installed Packages\ (windows)
or ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Installed Packages (mac)

3) Start sublime and check that menu entry [View -> Syntax -> Opa] is present
   If not verify 1) and 2) and restart sublime again and again

# How to have syntax highlighting?

File with .opa extension should automatically get syntax highlighting. If not, please make sure you are using the Opa plugin [View -> Syntax -> Opa].

# How to build my application?

Choose a build system:
- [Tools -> Build -> Build System -> Opa-All] builds all Opa files in the current directory
- [Tools -> Build -> Build System -> Opa-One] builds the single Opa source code you are editing
- [Tools -> Build -> Build System -> Opa-Conf] uses opa conf files from the current directory.

Then press F7 or launch from the menu [Tools -> Opa -> Build].
If there are compilation errors such as parsing or typing errors, you can navigate between them using F4.


## Can I use the classic Opa syntax?
Yes, the Opa plugin also supports the classic syntax of Opa. Edit Opa-XXX.sublime-build, and add "--parser classic" in the cmd field just after opa.

## How to run my application?

Press F7 or [Tools -> Opa -> Run]
The compilation is done automatically, but there is a sync problem.
So it's safer to build before for now.

# Other Features

- Hit [ctrl+d] or [right-click -> Opa Doc] to query doc.opalang.org for the highlighted word

- The Opa plugin features code completion on the Opa standard library.
  Try it, for instance by typing "Lfo" to expand to List.fold.

- The plugin also features skeletons for several Opa constructs. Try it, for instance by typing "function", select the completion, then:
   - enter the function name
   - press "tab"
   - enter the function body
   - press tab

- You can also play with the (first) tutorial by typing "TUTORIAL" and selecting the completion.

# Install from Source
Copy the content of the plugin repository to a new Opa directory in your Sublime directory.

You can build the Sublime package yourself if you want:
1) Install the AAAPackage Dev and Package Control Sublime packages
2) Transform Opa.JSON-tmLanguage:
  - Open the file
  - Select build system json to tmLanguage
  - F7
3) Hit [ctrl+p -> "Package Control: Create Package File" -> "Opa"]
4) You should have the plugin in Opa.sublime-package

# Questions, contributions

Please use github Issues, fork and contribute Pull Requests to make the Opa plugin rock as much as possible.