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todo list

Portergos Linux edited this page Jul 20, 2019 · 29 revisions

archiso-offlineinstaller todo list:

[NEEDS TESTING] After install. delete qt5ct config file and uninstall it. Users complaining about themes on plasma DE. Added, now needs testing

[DONE!] Add to cleaner_script

[DONE!] add to module packages

----> ---> a systemd service to get it working?

  • insert script to detect SSD and enable TRIM (periodic) [note 1]

  • [testing] clean the theming settings for Live and installs (skel) >> terminal transparency [done], wallpaper symlinked (or a script like this: set-wallpaper-sh , qt5ct theming do not work needs review [fixed] May it is possible to not use skel for liveuser and instead injecting settings for LiveSession with a script? [done]

  • recheck grub and make sure names are shown up correctly (linux linux with linux linux) > [done] we do use EOS themed grub theme... [fixed] syslinux shows endeavour as title

    [fixed] syslinux do not take splash.png as background

  • take care to disable automounting inside live environment: Thunar automount

[note 1] TRIM is not supported by all SSD drives, and there are some having issues with it (data corruption) see archwiki entry about SSD-TRIM all together will be a mess to get configured automatic and secure. I would suggest to do not enable TRIM by default and give users a wiki entry to get into it.

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