Screensaver with Rdio album covers.
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It's like the iTunes album art screensaver, but for Rdio.


The screensaver is available for download here:

Try it out

You can see what the screensaver will look like (without downloading) by loading the same website that is loaded in the screensaver right here:

It's a website?

Yep. Modern web browsers support all the fancy album-flipping action so I just let them do the hard work. The screensaver is simply a webview that loads the web app above. If you're interested in the app, you can check out the source code here:


The screensaver currently supports only Mac OS 10.8. If you'd like to create a version of the screensaver that runs on another platform, feel free! All you have to do is find a screensaver that can load a webpage and add some configuration options. Check out the companion project artflip (above) to see how to integrate with the web app options.