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Do you have an existing Ender package and want to tell the world about it? Add it to the list below, then brag to your friends about it.

When you add a module to this page, have a look at how others have done so, it should be a single item, with a link to the project's source code, and a short description (one line after formatting has been applied).



  • domReady - domReady: [npm name: domready]
  • Bean - Events: [npm name: bean]
  • Bonzo - DOM: [npm name: bonzo]
  • Valentine - utility: [npm name: valentine]
  • Underscore - utility: [npm name: underscore]
  • Backbone - MVC library: [npm name: backbone]

Selector Engines

  • Qwery - Blazing fast CSS1|2|3 queries: [npm name: qwery]
  • Sizzle - A pure-JavaScript CSS selector engine: [npm name: sizzle]
  • Sel - The selector support of Sizzle, but smaller and faster: [npm name: sel]
  • NWMatcher - Fast JavaScript CSS selector engine and matcher: [npm name: nwmatcher]


  • Builder - Liberal JavaScript DOM builder: [npm name: builder]
  • Bowser - browser detection: [npm name: bowser]
  • Ender-Swig - Swig (from Django's T) template engine, browser side [npm name: ender-swig]
  • Reqwest - AJAX: [npm name: reqwest]
  • Browser Request - Node's request() for the browser (AJAX): [npm name: browser-request]
  • Script.js - script loading / dependency management: [npm name: scriptjs]
  • Morpheus - x-browser high-perf animation: [npm name: morpheus]
  • Klass - Classical OOP in Js: [npm name: klass]
  • Kizzy - browser storage caching: [npm name: kizzy]
  • postMessage - Simple and easy window.postMessage communication: [npm name: postmessage]
  • Keymaster - keyboard dispatcher: [npm name: keymaster]
  • jwerty - keyboard event binding, triggering and asserting [npm name: jwerty]
  • Wings - basic Mustache-esque templating: [npm name: wings]
  • Jar - cookie handling: [npm name: jar]
  • Timeout - replacement for setTimeout/setInterval: [npm name: timeout]
  • Delayed - a collection of helper functions for your functions, using setTimeout() to delay and defer: [npm name: delayed]
  • Upload - asynchronous file uploading: [npm name: upload]
  • iScroll - smooth scrolling for mobile webkit: [npm name: iscroll]
  • Traversty - a small yet powerful DOM traversal utility designed to compliment Bonzo: [npm name: traversty]
  • Radio - A small chainable publish/subscribe: [npm name: radio]
  • CoffeeTe - Simple templating with coffee-script string interpolation [npm name: coffeete]
  • ender-events - An implementation of the NodeJS EventEmitter class for client-side use [npm name: ender-events]
  • ender-assert - An implementation of the NodeJS assert module for client-side use [npm name: ender-assert]
  • ender-remove - Make Bonzo trigger a remove event when elements are removed from the DOM [npm name: ender-remove]
  • Moment.js - A comprehensive date library for parsing, manipulating, and formatting dates [npm name: moment]
  • Eventify - Lightweight module that can be mixed in to any object in order to provide it with custom events. For node.js and the browser. Based on Backbone.Events [npm name: eventify]
  • require-ender - RequireJS compatibility [npm name: require-ender]
  • vague-time - Format time differences as a vague time, e.g. 'just now' or '3 months ago'. [npm name: vague-time]
  • euh.js - A JavaScript console wrapper. [npm name: euh-js]
  • verge - Viewport measurements [npm name: verge]
  • vibe - CSS classes [npm name: vibe]


  • Drag - UI Drag behavior: [npm name: drag]
  • Poke - Handle Swipe gestures on mobile devices: [npm name: ender-poke]
  • Futures - Promises, futures, the like: [npm name: futures]
  • Littering - automatically markup text for better styling (variation of Lettering.js)
  • Plax - Browser Paralaxing
  • Tipsy - Facebook style tooltips: [npm name: ender-tipsy]
  • Tween - A simple time-based tweener: [npm name: ender-tween]
  • Dragdealer - A drag based component library: [npm name: ender-dragdealer]
  • Ender-FitText - Ender port of FitText.js: [npm name: ender-fittext]
  • Ender-Lettering - Ender port of Lettering.js: [npm name: ender-lettering]
  • JSON - the JSON2.js library by Douglas Crockford: [npm name: ender-json]
  • calEnder - calEnder: [npm name: calender]
  • Ender Bootstrap - Bootstrap without jQuery, just the Jeesh + Bowser + Traversty: [npm name: ender-bootstrap]
  • Ender-Overlay - Ender-overlay is a highly configurable overlay plugin for Ender. More info here. [npm name: ender-overlay]
  • Ender-Carousel - Ender-carousel is a simple carousel plugin for Ender. More info here. [npm name: ender-carousel]
  • Hypher - Hypher is a small and fast hyphenation engine with support for multiple languages [npm name: hypher]
  • one-color - One-color is a light weight color module with implicit color space conversions, chainable channel methods and CSS convenience methods. Supports RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK with alpha channel [npm name: onecolor]
  • selectnav.js - Responsive drop-down menu for mobiles and small screen devices [npm name: selectnav.js]
  • tablesort - A simple sorting component for tables [npm name: tablesort]
  • hoverintent - Fire mouse over/out events when the a cursor speed has slowed within a threshold [npm name: hoverintent]
  • Ender-timePicker - An ender time picker [npm name: ender-timepicker]
  • Modag - Tiny modal dialog plugin [npm name: modag]
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