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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ THE JEESH
The Jeesh is like a starter pack for ender. At only *7.5k* the Jeesh can help you build anything from small prototypes to providing a solid base for large-scale rich application for desktop and mobile devices. At it's core, it's a collection of packages that we've found particularly useful for major use-case development endeavors -- but we encourage use to <code>add</code> and <code>remove</code> packages to really make it your own. Currently, the Jeesh includes:
- * domReady - a cross-browser [domReady](
+ * domReady - a cross-browser [domReady](
* Qwery - a fast light-weight [selector engine](
* Bonzo - a bullet-proof [DOM utility](
* Bean - a multi-platform [Event provider](

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