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A modest DSL for translating Ruby hashes
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hash_translation: A modest DSL for translating hashes

hash_translation is a DSL similar to Jim Weirich's XML Builder with a modest
goal: translating from one or more hashes to another.

The need arose from having to collect data from many sources in unique nested
key/value forms and having to map it to the keys used by my ruby app.

If you are translating from hash a to b, without hash_translation:

  a[:param_a] = b[:other_param_a]
  a[:param_b] = b[:other_param_b]

With hash_translation:

  a.param_a b.other_param_a
  a.param_b b.other_param_b

It allows scoping in a block. Without hash_translation:

  c = a[:foo]
  c[:param_a] = b[:other_param_a]
  c[:param_b] = b[:other_param_b]

With hash_translation: do
    a.param_a b.other_param_a
    a.param_b b.other_param_b

You can also chain method calls to get deeper into the data structures. Without

  a[:foo][:bar][:baz] = b[:so][:down][:the][:path][:we][:go]

With hash_translation:

It has the following caveats:

  * The keys have to be symbols. If you use a HashWithIndifferentAccess, then
    string keys are also supported.
  * The examples above omit the extra code that is required to bind your hashes
    to hash_translation.

The translate method allows for binding of hashes to hash_translation types:

source_1 = {:this => {:is => {:a => {:source => 'hash'}}}}
source_2 = {:this => 'is', :another => 'source hash'}
destination = {:this => {:is => {:the => 'destination hash'}}}

HashTranslation.translate (destination, source_1, source_2) do |d, s1, s2| do s2.this
    d.baz s2.another

# destination:
# {:this=>{:is=>{:the=>"destination hash", :bar=>"is", :foo=>"hash", :baz=>"source hash"}}}
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