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Version: 1.0.4

Compatible with Hexo Version 3


The leaflet tag plugin is based on the google map tag plugin. The base configuration is identical. The difference is, that this plugin does use leaflet as mapping engine and open street map as default map data. You can configure any compatible TMS as source for the map data (see Config). Also the configuration besides the initial zoom is different. The content is not (only) a list of markers.

To see this plugin in action you can go to Thüringer Gipfel - die schönsten Wanderrouten und Fahrradtouren Thüringens.

Basic syntax

The leaflet maps tag plugin for hexo is designed to be a way to add simple maps to your hexo site. The main tag, called leaflet requires an endtag called endleaflet.

The main tag can have up to 5 arguments, with none being required. If a map is created without a center point, it will default to some fixed point. If a zoom level is not specified, it will default to 8.

{% leaflet latitude longitude zoom width height %}

##Simple Example

A simple example makes it easy to see how this plugin works.

{% leaflet 50.978056 11.029167 10 100% 450px %}
{% endleaflet %}

You may also put as many instances of this plugin on your page as you'd like.

##Using Markers

You can add markers onto the map by putting them into the content section. The syntax is as follows:

marker: Title, Latitude, Longitude, Icon-URL, Icon-Width, Icon-Height, Anchor-X, Anchor-Y

You can put as many markers on the map, as you like. Here is an working example:

{% leaflet 51.307778 11.049167 13 100% 350px %}
marker:Erste Wanderhütte,51.3080145,11.052756,/icons/numbers/9/23-1.png,32,32,16,16
marker:Zweite Wanderhütte,51.3084138,11.0645515,/icons/numbers/9/23-2.png,32,32,16,16
{% endleaflet %}

##Loading a route

This plugin supports loading tracks from GeoJSON files. This tracks will be displayed in the map. The boundingBox of the map will be set to cover the complete track. To add an track, you need to add a line with the fileURL as content:


Here is an example:

{% leaflet 51.307778 11.049167 13 100% 400px %}
{% endleaflet %}


You can configure the plugin within the _config.yml file. This plugin uses the section leaflet.

  baseLayer: 'http://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png'
  attribution: 'Map data © <a href="">OpenStreetMap</a> contributors.'

The given values in this example are the default values, if no configuration is set.

You can override this global config for a specific leaflet tag as follows:

{% leaflet 51.307778 11.049167 13 100% 350px %}
attribution: ©OpenStreetMap
{% endleaflet %}


Hexo plugin to support leaflet based maps integration







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