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OctoEB is a script to help with the integration of Gitflow, Github, and Jira. This is to help us avoid merge, branch, and tag issues. It also simplifies the process so that it is executed the same way by each developer each time.

The goal is to make this git branching strategy as semantic as possible on the commandline

Teem Git Flow


The only external libraries that this tool depends on is Requests and Click. Clone the repo and run

pip install --editable .

To verify the install, start a new shell and run

octoeb --help


The script looks for the file .octoebrc in either the current directory or your home directory. You can also place the config in ~/.config/octoeb. We expect this file to contain the following ini-style configuration:



TOPIC_STR=Release ticket at{}


In repo

  1. OWNER and REPO are when you visit a repo on GitHub, so for example gives OWNER=enderlabs and REPO=octoeb
  2. The token can be obtained from
  3. USER is your login email for GitHub

In bugtracker

  1. USER is your login email for JIRA`
  2. TOKEN is your JIRA password
  3. TICKET_FILTER_ID is the search filter used for tab completion of ticket ids
  4. RELEASE_TICKET_PROJECT is the project the release ticket should be created in. Default is MAN
  5. RELEASE_TICKET_TYPE is the type of ticket to use. Default is RELEASE

In slack

Requires that you have the slacker python package installed. If you do not, a slack channel will not be created.

  1. API_TOKEN is your slack API token. Obtain a token here:
  2. GROUP_ID indicated the group that will automatically be added to the release channel that is created.

In release

This section is optional, but allows you to control the release branch and channel names, these names will match prefix-main-version and prefix_main_version respectively per the configuration in this section. By default, the prefix is empty and releases will be named, e.g. release-1.1.01.


There are three major command start, qa, and release. Enter

$ octoeb start --help
$ octoeb start hotfix --help
$ octoeb start release --help
$ octoeb qa --help
$ octoeb release --help

respectively for usage details.

Tab Completion

To add tab completion in bash simply add

source /path/to/octoeb/

to your bashrc.

If you are running zsh, then you must also add

autoload -U +X bashcompinit && bashcompinit

to the beginning of your zshrc.


Clone, install as above,

pip install --editable .

Start coding! Your changes will take immediate effect.