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The NotifyWho?! plugin enables you to control exactly who should receive entry, comment and TrackBack notifications for each blog.

You can configure the plugin to send any combination of:

  • Entry creation and publication notifications:
    • Author (useful when entries added on behalf of author, such as via Ghostwriter)
    • Arbitrary email addresses
    • The blog’s address book (i.e. notification list)
  • Feedback notifications:
    • Author (Movable Type default)
    • Arbitrary email addresses
    • The blog’s address book

For entry notifications, you can configure the plugin to send them automatically or to simply provide defaults for the Share entry screen. Automatic notifications can be disabled on a per entry basis by toggling the link directly about the entry save/preview buttons.


  • Movable Type 4.x, 5.x, and 6.x
  • A working email notification system
  • Ability to install plugins
  • Permission to configure a blog and its plugins


To install this plugin follow the instructions found here:


Email Notifications must be enabled in Movable Type for NotifyWho?! to send anything. Visit Settings > Feedback > Email Notifications and select the option "On."

NotifyWho can be configured at the blog level by visiting Tools > Plugins > NotifyWho > Settings. There are two areas to configure notifications for: entry and feedback. As noted above, NotifyWho can be configured to send email to the Entry author, arbitrary email addresses, the blog's address book, or any of the above.

Notifications can be sent when an entry is created, and when an entry is published. These are both options specifically for blogs that are set to not publish by default, where being notified that an entry has been created could be useful.

Public submissions

If you're making use of the Community.Pack's public submission form capability, it is likely useful to receive an email when the new entry is created or published. NotifyWho can work with the public submission form with a simple addition to the form:

<input type="hidden" name="auto_notifications" value="1" />


Copyright 2009-2015, Endevver LLC. All rights reserved.


A plugin for Movable Type that allows you to notify individuals and mailings of new entries and comments.






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