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malconv.h5 include malconv weights as courtesy Jul 26, 2018

This directory is provided as a courtesy. It includes the MalConv model to which we compared to in

For more details about MalConv, please see (and cite) the original paper.

Raff, Edward, et al. "Malware detection by eating a whole exe." arXiv preprint arXiv:1710.09435 (2017).

If you use the pre-trained weights or code in your work, we also ask that you please cite our paper for the implementation of MalConv, as it differs in a few subtle ways from the original.

H. Anderson and P. Roth, "EMBER: An Open Dataset for Training Static PE Malware Machine Learning Models”, in ArXiv e-prints. Apr. 2018.

  author = {{Anderson}, H.~S. and {Roth}, P.},
  title = "{EMBER: An Open Dataset for Training Static PE Malware Machine Learning Models}",
  journal = {ArXiv e-prints},
  archivePrefix = "arXiv",
  eprint = {1804.04637},
  primaryClass = "cs.CR",
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  adsurl = {},

Can I use this code to train MalConv on my own dataset?

The code provided is instructional and nonfunctional. With a few minor changes, it can be made functional. In particular, you must provide a URL to fetch file contents by sha256 hash.

How does this MalConv model differ from that of Raff et al.?

  • Our model was trained on binary files from labeled samples in the EMBER training set.
  • The original paper used batch_size = 256 and SGD(lr=0.01, momentum=0.9, decay=UNDISCLOSED, nesterov=True ). We used decay=1e-3 and batch_size=100.
  • It is unknown whether the original paper used a special symbol for padding.
  • The paper allowed for up to 2MB malware sizes, we use 1MB because of memory limits on a commonly-used Titan X.
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