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Framework for iPhone wireframes
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A framework for making interactive iPhone wireframes.

This framework is currently a work in progress. Please contact me with any questions about future status and feature requests.

Follow updates on Twitter: @briefsapp

Rob Rhyne

Installation Notes

Where are the missing files? Oh no, Briefs is broken, why is it broken?

It's not broken, the Briefs-Data project is linked as a git submodule. So there are extra steps you have to take to pull down the data model code. The steps you take depend on how you put the project on your computer:

Option 1: I downloaded the .zip file

If you downloaded the bundle, go to the Briefs-Data project,, download that project and place the unzipped contents into the /data directory. Open up Xcode and the missing files should have returned.

Option 2: I cloned the repository

If you cloned (or forked) the repository from the public url, then you just have to initialize the submodule.

git submodule init
git submodule update

And you're done!

This sounds like a pain in the ass, why did you do it?

Why is Briefs-Data a submodule? Good question. We wrote it this way to maintain a separate Cocoa library that just reads and writes Briefs. Then later, after you've invested time and effort in writing Briefs, other savvy developers (perhaps yourself) can write & sell applications that can read your Briefs.

And since it's open-source, this ensures that you'll always have access to your data. Nobody likes closed data formats, and it guarantees you can still read your Briefs 50 years from now using your hyper-kinetic visor while teleporting to Mars.

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