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Endjin.Retry is API-compatible with Task.Factory.StartNew()

We provide two additional parameters, an IRetryPolicy and an IRetryStrategy.


Count: will retry immediately a number of times

Incremental: retries a number of times, with an (optionally increasing) delay between retries.

Backoff: is similar to Incremental, but provides an exponentially increasing delay between retries, with a random element.

Note - you don't want to use the Incremental or BackOff strategies in Windows Azure. It is better to hammer the fabric and let it adapt to your preferred usage pattern.


Policies are used to determine whether we can retry given that a particular exception has occurred The default policy is AnyException - you can always retry regardless of the particular exception or its content

We also provide an AggregatePolicy which allows you to retry if and only if all of a set of policies allow you to retry.

It is up to you to write custom policy if you want particular exceptions to be "non-retryable" For example, you might set up a policy that does not allow you to retry if you get a 404 (not found) from an http operation, but does retry if you get a 501 (internal server error)

See http://blogs.endjin.com/2013/05/retrying-tasks-with-tpl-async-and-synchronous-code/ for more examples.

If you would like similar functionality from PowerShell, see the following blog post: http://blogs.endjin.com/2014/07/how-to-retry-commands-in-powershell/