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Corrupted Binary Files #21

JoaoRXFernandes opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Hi Howard,

Firstly let me just say thanks for this great tool, truly good stuff!

I'm trying to create a template that includes binaries such as shared libs, a few executables and other compressed files.

But after I use the generated template to create a new project all these binary files get corrupted (some are actually bigger than the originals).

Would really appreciate some feedback on this.




It seems to be on the unpacking of the files that something is going wrong.

I just repacked the .pkg with the right binaries but on creating a new project from this new template I get the binary files corrupted again...


I am having the same issue, I have a shell script that when its generated bye templify it says cannot execute binary file. If I make a new file with the same contents it works. Its almost as if templify is encoding the file in binary mode I seen something similiar before when I uploaded code in binary mode in FTP. Instead of ASCII I think its 100101101 LOL... JoaoRxFernandes Did you ever find a solution to this?

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