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File encoding changed to UTF-8 #22

jimbobdog opened this Issue · 9 comments

5 participants

jimbobdog Howard van Rooijen Seif Attar Josh Spivey relston

I have some batchfiles in ANSI encoding, once Templified thought they are converted to UTF-8 encoding and this stops them working from a command prompt (the byte order mark freaks things out)


James (Simmonds, ex CGO)

Howard van Rooijen

Hello James,

really sorry - not getting notifications from GitHub on this project.

I'll take a look - I've hit this problem in the last month with another tool and have a fix that I can add to templify. Hope all is good with you.


Seif Attar

@HowardvanRooijen any updates on this?

I can't see how to do this, other than storing the encoding with the manifest after detecting it following an approach like and when deploying a package read the encoding from the manifest and save the file with that encoding.

Or was your fix simpler?

Howard van Rooijen
Seif Attar

Hmm, doesn't look like it, I still get the problem with 0.6.15130.1, maybe you are confusing it with #15 ?

Howard van Rooijen
Josh Spivey

Any word on a fix for this?


Any update on this? Templify is great but this is causing our script files to freak out. Adding a lot of manual labor to fix.

Howard van Rooijen

I've just pushed up a new version of Templify ( - which has both a performance fix and a file encoding fix.

Please download and test from here:

Josh Spivey

There is still a issue with this yes it is UTF-8 but you need make sure you are saving it with out BOM headers! its making all my JavaScript and shells scripts error out when I try to run it because its saving it with BOM. JavaScript wont lint and shell scripts wont run...

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