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NUnit Video Recorder

Build status

A simple .NET library for Windows designed for recording video from the screen during NUnit test runs. It's based on the SharpAvi library and inspired by the Video Recorder Java.

Table of contents


The latest version of the NUnit Video Recorder is available on NuGet.


The best place to start from is the Getting started page. It contains explanations of the main workflow and principles of the NUnit Video Recorder as well as links to the attributes and examples of usage.


NUnit Video Recorder is distributed under the MIT license.

Known limitations

  • No support for video recording of NUnit tests marked with [Repeat], [Retry], [Combinatorial] or any other attributes that manage to run a single test multiple times;
  • No Selenium Grid support;
  • No multi-display support.

All the above-mentioned is under investigation and may be implemented in future releases.