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@endless-sky endless-sky released this Sep 28, 2019 · 84 commits to master since this release

This is a stable release focusing on bug fixes and polish. Major changes include:

  • Fixed a bug where cargo was loaded onto ships with 0 cargo space.
  • Fixed a crash when mission NPCs have no system defined.
  • Avoiding a situation where the player could get stuck in Remnant space.
  • Depreciation now happens slower and includes a "grace period."
  • Improved the AI logic for when escorts stop to refuel.

There are many other changes, as well. For a complete list, see the changelog. Special thanks to @tehhowch and @Amazinite for taking the lead on managing this release, and to everyone who contributed changes: @AlexBasset, @beccabunny, @ChamEV, @comnom, @Darcman99, @jostephd, @Kryes-Omega, @LocalGod79, @Luckz, @MageKing17, @MCOfficer, @Naminson, @oo13, @petervdmeer, @realityforge, @RestingImmortal, @rugk, @sdennie, @SolraBizna, @starcollide5, @warp-core, @ZBok, and @Zitchas.

If you are using the high-dpi plugin, you should download and install the updated version that goes with this release.

Mac OS X and Windows binaries can be downloaded here. (For Windows, please choose 32 or 64 bit.)


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