@endless-sky endless-sky released this Aug 14, 2017 · 543 commits to master since this release

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This is a stable release, fixing bugs and making other small improvements to the recent 0.9.7 unstable release. Changes include:

  • Fixed crashes when reordering or disowning ships in your fleet.
  • Fixed a bug when events add stellar objects (like the Wanderer wormhole).
  • Added shop thumbnail images for all the Remnant outfits.
  • Tweaked the balance of the Remnant ships and outfits.
  • Demanding tribute now always turns reputation with that government negative.
  • Fixed "derelict" NPCs not repairing on planets after you board them.
  • In full screen mode the cursor is now hidden after 10 seconds inactivity.

There are many other changes, as well. For a complete list, see the changelog. Special thanks to the people who contributed to this release: @Amazinite, @Bladewood, @Hadron1776, @MessyMix, @tehhowch, and @warp-core.

If you are using the high-dpi plugin, you should download and install the updated version that goes with this release.

Mac OS X and Windows binaries can be downloaded here. (For Windows, please choose 32 or 64 bit.) Ubuntu Linux packages are available in a PPA, and a Debian Linux package is also available.