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@endless-sky endless-sky released this May 27, 2019 · 34 commits to master since this release

This is an unstable release representing more than a year and a half of development work. Major new changes include the following:

  • Significant graphics and physics engine optimizations.
  • Cloaked ships can now be hit by projectiles.
  • Turrets turn slower, allowing fast ships to dodge them more easily.
  • Ramscoop and solar power effectiveness now varies from star to star.
  • New Remnant ships, outfits, and missions.
  • Purchasing a Bactrian now requires completing a mission string.
  • Added an "asteroid scanner" that lets you target minable asteroids.
  • Experimental "news" feature in the spaceport.
  • All ship sprites re-rendered with a more dramatic lighting angle.
  • The shipyard now shows an angled view of each ship instead of top-down.

There are many other changes, as well. For a complete list, see the changelog. Special thanks to @tehhowch, @Amazinite, and @Pointedstick for taking the lead on managing this release, and to everyone who contributed changes: @10010101001, @abenkovskii, @AlexBassett, @Alkallid, @Amazinite, @AMDmi3, @AskePit, @Aurelite, @beccabunny, @Bladewood, @Brick63, @comnom, @CyberShadow, @czartrak, @Darcman99, @dplepage, @DrBlight, @dzhu, @elgeonmb, @Elyssaen, @EndrosG, @Ferociousfiend, @flaviojs, @Fzzr, @gunqqer, @Hacklin, @Hadron1776, @Isaacssv552, @jafdy, @Janaszar, @jjhankins, @jostephd, @Jugosloven1612, @Kryes-Omega, @Lineth, @LordInsane, @luiges90, @mattsoulanille, @MCOfficer, @MessyMix, @mootootwo, @Nescio0, @nobodywasishere, @oo13, @OverYrPaygrade, @ph2000bis, @Pointedstick, @pscamman, @Rakete1111, @redshalken, @Rob59er, @seanfahey, @sivael, @solardawning, @Tadrix, @tehhowch, @temtemy, @themightygrunt, @TheUnfetteredOne, @thomasballinger, @tmbutterworth, @toilethinges, @Turtleroku, @UnciaPrima, @Vilhelm16, @warp-core, @whismerhill, @Zitchas, and @zwparchman.

If you are using the high-dpi plugin, you should download and install the updated version that goes with this release.

Mac OS X and Windows binaries can be downloaded here. (For Windows, please choose 32 or 64 bit.) Ubuntu Linux packages are available in a PPA, and a Debian Linux package is also available.


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