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base-passwd for Debian

This package supplies the "master" copies of /etc/passwd and /etc/group,
in /usr/share/base-passwd. It also supplies the utility "update-passwd",
which automatically makes sure that uids and gids in the 0-99 range on
your system are consistent with the Debian master copies. This means
that all entries in the masterfiles in that range have to be present on
your system, and only those entries. The reason for not allowing other
entries is that Debian reserves that range for future use.

All packages assume that the users and groups listed in those
master-files are always present on a system. If they are not present for
some reason they may break unexpectedly. To ensure your system is
correct you can use the update-passwd utility to check it and optionally
make the necessary changes.

There are some exceptions to this:
* root is never removed or changed. If it doesn't exist a root account will
  be added though.
* the home directory for the ftp user is preserved, and it is neither added
  nor removed automatically since this can affect how FTP daemons handle
  anonymous access
* the home directory for the www-data user is preserved 
* if a user or group exists but with an uid outside our reserved range
  we don't change it

The following uid/gid pairs have been allocated in the static range
60000-64999. They are created by their respective packages. This is the
registry of allocations.

Reserved uids:
    uid   | name              | description
    63434 | netplan           | netplan
    64000 | ftn               | fidogate
    64001 | mysql             | mysql-server
    64005 | tac-plus          | tac-plus user
    64010 | alias             | qmail alias
    64011 | qmaild            | qmail daemon
    64012 | qmails            | qmail send
    64013 | qmailr            | qmail remove
    64015 | qmailq            | qmail queue
    64016 | qmaill            | qmail log
    64017 | qmailp            | qmail pw
    64020 | asterisk          | asterisk
    64025 | vpopmail          | vpopmail
    64030 | slurm             | slurm-llnl package
    64035 | hacluster         | heartbeat

Reserved gids:
    gid   | name              | description
    63434 | netplan           | netplan
    64000 | ftn               | fidogate
    64001 | mysql             | mysql-server
    64005 | tac-plus          | tac-plus group
    64010 | qmail             | qmail
    64020 | asterisk          | asterisk
    64025 | vchkpw            | vpopmail group
    64030 | slurm             | slurm-llnl package
    64035 | haclient          | heartbeat
    64040 | grsec-tpe         | linux-grsec-base
    64041 | grsec-sock-all    | linux-grsec-base
    64042 | grsec-sock-clt    | linux-grsec-base
    64043 | grsec-sock-srv    | linux-grsec-base
    64044 | grsec-proc        | linux-grsec-base

(Next uid/gid allocation: 64045.)

You *may not* use any uids or gids in the 60000-64999 range without *first*
requesting an allocation from and waiting
for confirmation that the allocation has been granted.


Fork of base-passwd from debian with Endless customizations







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