Systemd helper and tools for KA Lite
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Collection of EOS-specific system helpers and tools for KA Lite


This package currently contains two main components

  • eos-kalite-system-helper: Socket-activated systemd unit (required)
  • eos-kalite-tools: Tools to manage KA Lite installations (optional)


This provides the necessary hooks and service files needed to integrate the KA Lite flatpak with the OS: creation of the home directory for the 'kalite' user, installation of the systemd unit files to enable socket-activation for the server and any other bit that could be needed.


At the moment, this package provides a tool to allow backing up and restoring installations of the KA Lite flatpak app as well as its data (content), so that one base installation can be used as the base "template" to restore either that same machine in the future or as many other machines as needed.

This tool (eos-kalite-backup) allows "copying" any pre-installed data (videos, language packs..) from the source machine into the target ones, so that it is possible to prepare a specific configuration and curate a selection of content in one place, and then have all of that easily replicated in other places.

Note that this is a custom tool only supported on EndlessOS, as it expects certain components to be available in both the target machines, such as the eos-kalite-system-helper package, certain flatpak runtimes, and so on.