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This package is used by EOS to package ka-lite as a flatpak, to provide the "client side" entry point to the sandboxed application, as well as the necessary bits to properly integrate with the desktop environment.

Detailed description

This package provides the following elements:

  • launcher script that takes care of loading the URI to load the Web UI from the local browser. It relies on the OpenURI portal.
  • kalite-app.desktop + kalite-app.png: icon and application information according to the Desktop Entry Specification, to integrate with the shell.
  • kalite-app.appdata.xml: aplication information in AppData format for integration with app centers (e.g. GNOME Software)

All this files will be included inside the flatpak bundle, and will be run from the outside with flatpak run org.learningequality.KALite.

The rest of the files will live inside the flatpak bundles but will be also be exported by flatpak so that the host system can used them from the outside.


This flatpak uses the OpenURI portal and so it requires that the host system has installed at least the following components:

  • flatpak >= 0.6.6
  • xdg-desktop-portal >= 1.0
  • xdg-desktop-portal-gtk >= 1.0

Besides those details, eos-kalite-app is meant to be bundled together with the KA Lite server (source code here) which can be either manually started or automatically started via systemd's socket-activation, which is the ideal scenario and the one used in Endless (requires integration with the OS).


eos-kalite-app is Copyright (C) 2016 Endless Mobile, Inc. and is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

See the COPYING file for the full version of the GNU GPLv2 license