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This is an application boilerplate which should set you up writing EndlessOS knowledge content application powered by and electron frontend. This boilerplate sets up all the tricky bits of application packaging, content initialization and global search integration so you can focus on writing the UI for you application.

Note: the frontend code here is practically non-existent. For a more complete example of some actual app UI using this boilerplate, check out the react branch.


First you will need node and npm installed. The com.endlessm.ElectronKnowledgeDevApp flatpak app is a good way to get access to these tools.

Then you will need electron-forge installed globally

npm install -g electron-forge


To install npm dependencies and pre-load content...

npm install
npm run download

To develop and test the application the application...

npm start

Finally, to build the flatpak app...

npm run make

which will build the flatpak in the out/make directory.


Once you have built the flatpak, just install with

flatpak --user install --bundle out/make/com.endlessm.electron.myths.en_master_x86_64.flatpak
flatpak run com.endlessm.electron.myths.en


You may want to power multiple knowledge apps with the same frontend code built from this boilerplate. This boilerplate uses the eos-knowledge-downloader tool to seed content for the application.

You can use it to download different app.json manifests and load in different content. Or you can use the

./template [app json path or uri]

script in the base of this repo to quickly build a lot of flatpaks with the same frontend code.