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This create a Debian packages, eos-node-modules-dev, containing modules required for developing Endless OS. It will not be installed on users' systems.

The modules included are controlled by the package.json file. See Nodejitsu for a cheat sheet for the syntax of this file.

Adding a module

For the most part, this is as simple as adding the module to devDependencies in Some extra steps are needed, though: Go through the following checklist:

  • add the module and its version to devDependencies in (see Note about Versions, below.)
  • run followed by make and make sure the module is downloaded and compiled correctly.
  • run DESTDIR=staging make install to test installing into a staging directory.
  • in line 1 of, increment the minor version of the eos-node-modules package. (For example, from 0.5.0 to 0.6.0.) Your package should now build-depend on eos-node-modules-dev (>= 0.6).
  • add the module to the Module Index at the bottom of this readme file. Specify the name of your package. Maintain alphabetical order for others' convenience.
  • add the usual Version_x.y.z to the master branch and Version_x.y.z_debian tags to the debian-master branch of this eos-node-modules git repo.

Removing a module


  • check the Module Index at the bottom of this readme file. Remove your package from that module's list of packages. If you were the only user of that module, then you may proceed to remove it.
  • remove your module from
  • in line 1 of, increment the major version of the eos-node-modules package. (For example, from 0.5.0 to 1.0.0.)
  • add the usual Version_x.y.z and Version_x.y.z_debian tags to the git repo.

Note about Versions

Try to be somewhat flexible with the versions that you specify. This allows us to possibly do some consolidation in the future. For example, instead of ~0.4.1 (any version between 0.4.1 and 0.5), you might specify ^0.4 (any version between 0.4 and the next compatibility-breaking version.)

Note that instead of a version, you can specify that you want a particular branch from a particular Github repository (useful for requiring patches that haven't been incorporated upstream yet.)

Be careful when upgrading a module to a new major version. All EndlessOS software using node.js uses the same set of node modules, so don't break other people's packages! Definitely don't upgrade modules just because there is a new major version available.

Module index

  • jscs: eos-dev-config (dev)
  • jshint: eos-dev-config (dev)
  • lcov-result-merger: eos-sdk (dev)


Packages which install the nodejs modules needed for our various components into /usr/share



No packages published