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Open Endless SDK

Libraries and development tools for building Endless applications.

Coding style

We follow the GTK coding style:

Build instructions

Run make anytime you change a file.

Preparing the source

From a fresh source checkout, run:


This prepares the source tree for building. The configure script takes several options, common ones being:

  • --prefix=/usr: install in /usr instead of /usr/local (you probably want this)
  • --enable-gtk-doc: generate the documentation whenever you build; this makes your build slower, but the documentation will always be up to date
  • --enable-strict-flags: use strict compiler flags to catch extra warnings
  • If you're doing a debug build, then CFLAGS="-g -O0" ./configure will make sure that make always builds with debugging symbols and optimization off.

Then, run make to rebuild, and sudo make install to copy the SDK into the system.

By default, the compiler invocations with all the flags are not shown. If you want to see them, run make V=1. If you want make to try and run several jobs in parallel, run make -j2 for 2 jobs, for example.


To run the automated tests, run make check.


Before packaging, run make distcheck. This runs the tests as above, but from a clean source tree in a temporary location. It also installs all the files in a temporary location and uninstalls them again, in order to make sure that nothing is forgotten.

Fixing breakage

If at any time the state of your build tree gets wedged, then try the following:

make clean

If that doesn't work,

make maintainer-clean