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This package contains the Getting Started guide which is packaged and
shipped as gnome-getting-started-docs in the core GNOME distribution.

The GNOME Documentation Project (GDP) is responsible for this documentation.

GDP homepage:
GDP mailing list:


Although this guide includes a number of media files (videos, SVGs),
translators just need to translate a single POT file for the Getting Started
guide, which also includes strings extracted from the media files.

Where to get translated videos

As a temporary workaround for,
translated videos are not stored in the Git repository anymore, instead, they
are pulled from an external source at the following URL when releasing a new

Rendering video files

Rendering translated videos is not currently supported at build time. If you
want to have the video files generated for your language, please get in touch
with gnome-getting-started-docs maintainers. The plan is to have the video
files generated for all available languages when releasing a new tarball.

See the animation/language-whitelist.txt file in the gnome-getting-started-docs
repository for a list of languages for which the videos are currently rendered.

Generating SVG files

To generate translated SVGs that are used as still images for some topics in
the guide, run the following command in the gnome-getting-started-docs root

./ && make

Then change to the gnome-help/<your_language>/ directory to see your
translated SVGs.

Note that depending on your distribution, you may need to install some
additional packages to run the commands.

Please do not commit the generated SVGs, these files will be regenerated for
all available languages when releasing a new tarball. The .gitignore file is
properly set to ignore these files.

The & files

By default, the gnome-getting-started-docs package ships both the and files, but only
the file is actually linked from the Getting Started
landing page. This is to accommodate the fact that GNOME is shipped with
Web, which is often replaced with Firefox (or some other browser) downstream.

See the and files for a hint
on how to adjust the two files so that the appropriate one is linked from
the landing page.

Language packs

Given the size of the video files, distributors might want to create
language packs for individual locales, as the overall package size for
the gnome-getting-started-docs package would be too large otherwise.

Reporting problems

If you find problems in the documentation, please report bugs in GNOME Bugzilla: