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#lang scheme/base
(require "test-utils.rkt" (for-syntax scheme/base)
(rep type-rep)
(types abbrev numeric-tower union)
(provide type-equal-tests)
(define (-base x) (make-Base x #'dummy values #'values #f))
(define-syntax (te-tests stx)
(define (single-test stx)
(syntax-case stx (FAIL)
[(FAIL t s) #'((test-check (format "FAIL ~a" '(t s)) (lambda (a b) (not (type-equal? a b))) t s)
(test-check (format "FAIL ~a" '(s t)) (lambda (a b) (not (type-equal? a b))) s t))]
[(t s) (syntax/loc stx
((test-check (format "~a" '(t s)) type-equal? t s)
(test-check (format "~a" '(s t)) type-equal? s t)))]))
(syntax-case stx ()
[(_ cl ...)
(with-syntax ([((cl1 cl2) ...) (map single-test (syntax->list #'(cl ...)))])
#'(test-suite "Tests for type equality"
cl1 ... cl2 ...))]))
(define (fld* t) (make-fld t (datum->syntax #'here 'values) #f))
(define (type-equal-tests)
[-Number -Number]
[(Un -Number) -Number]
[(Un -Number -Symbol -Boolean) (Un -Number -Boolean -Symbol)]
[(Un -Number -Symbol -Boolean) (Un -Symbol -Boolean -Number)]
[(Un -Number -Symbol -Boolean) (Un -Symbol -Number -Boolean)]
[(Un -Number -Symbol -Boolean) (Un -Boolean (Un -Symbol -Number))]
[(Un -Number -Symbol) (Un -Symbol -Number)]
[(-poly (x) (-> (Un -Symbol -Number) x)) (-poly (xyz) (-> (Un -Number -Symbol) xyz))]
[(-mu x (Un -Number -Symbol x)) (-mu y (Un -Number -Symbol y))]
;; found bug
[FAIL (Un (-mu heap-node
(-struct #'heap-node #f
(map fld* (list (-base 'comparator) -Number (-v a) (Un heap-node (-base 'heap-empty))))))
(-base 'heap-empty))
(Un (-mu heap-node
(-struct #'heap-node #f
(map fld* (list (-base 'comparator) -Number (-pair -Number -Number) (Un heap-node (-base 'heap-empty))))))
(-base 'heap-empty))]))
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