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Netlify Status PRs Welcome powered by Jekyll Website made-with-Markdown Contributor Covenant Gitter

Keep track of various End of Life dates and support lifecycles for various products. Visit for a list of supported products. This information is very often hard to track or badly presented. This project collates this data and presents it in an easily accessible format, with URLs that are easy to guess and remember.

If you maintain release information (end-of-life dates, or support information) for a product, we have a set of recommendations along with a checklist on some best practices for publishing this information.


Please see for details. This project is participating in Hacktoberfest 2022. Please read through the Hacktoberfest [Participation Guide][hack-participate] before filing a pull request.

While participating in the project, you must abide by its Code of Conduct.


An API is available for integration with CI platforms. API documentation is available at The API is currently in Alpha, and breaking changes can happen.


Licensed under the MIT License.