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SFZ files for The Metal Kick Drum free samples
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Floor Tom 16.sfz
Kick1 Inferno.sfz
Kick2 Darkness.sfz
Kick3 Lust.sfz
Kick4 Dying.sfz
Kick5 Sorrow.sfz
Kick6 Lethal.sfz
Kick7 Fate.sfz
Rack Tom 10.sfz
Rack Tom 12.sfz
Snare1 BB14x6.sfz
Snare2 YMCAN 14x5-5.sfz
Snare3 14x6-brass.sfz

These are soundfont files for the free samples from The Metal Kick Drum.

The SFZ files are free to use for whatever purpose.

MIDI map:

  • 36 Kick
  • 37 Sidestick (Snare2 only)
  • 38 Snare
  • 39 Rimshot (Snare2 only)
  • 41 Floor tom 16"
  • 43 Rack tom 12"
  • 45 Rack tom 10"

TODO: Velocity transitions are not smooth

Disclaimer: I am not a drummer

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