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Rewrite of the Transmission Web Client with jQuery, Sammy and Mustache

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Port of and the original Transmission Web Client
using jquery, sammy.js and mustache.js.

By Frank Prößdorf

kettu osaa monta asiaa.


  • kriesse for the elegant design.
  • kjg for all the work on the transmission web client and help.
  • lenalena for introducing proper jspec testing to this project.
  • kastigar for adding predefined locations.
  • for their easy way of adding the app to the homescreen.




You can use kettu instead of the original web client to remotely administrate your transmission application.

Using Environment Variables

If you're just trying kettu out, it is recommended to set the TRANSMISSION_WEB_HOME environment variable to the root path of this web client. Then you just need to open the location to the transmission web server (e.g. localhost:9091) and it will work.


Move the kettu files in the right location, and the next time you start Transmission, it will use kettu. If you're using the daemon, you can simply send it a SIGHUB.


Without overwriting the default Web Interface, you can drop the kettu files into: ~/.local/share/transmission/web/.

On Mac OS X, using a (pre-v2.0) nightly

In the current (pre-v2.0) nightlies on the mac, you can simply drop kettu in the Transmission Application Support folder and rename it web (~/Library/Application Support/Transmission/web/).



kettu supports the easy selection of a predefined location to download your torrents to. Put locations into the config/location.js configuration file. See config/locations.js.example for an example.

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